How can I invite family members?

When you register your account and your children you will be asked to invite family members or friends. Enter the person’s email address and name, and we will send her or him an email with a link to register.

If you would like to invite people after you’ve created your account, log in and go to “Timeline” and on the left side of your Wall (slide screen to the left on your iPhone), you will find an icon to edit your network and invite new members.

How can I un-invite family members?

In “Timeline” you will find “My Friends & Family" on the right of your village wall. Select “Edit” and click the red X. The member who got "uninvited" is now no longer able to view your wall.

Do family members need to register?

To be able to join your network, family members have to register. They can choose between just participating in your network or creating their own timeline and registering their own children.

Remember, you can also share stored questions by email if a family member does not want to register for their own account.

How can I become a member in someone elses network?

To keep our users’ network truly private, nobody can request access to a network or search to find friends. Only through a family member’s invitation will you be able to become a member in someone else’s network.

What if I would like to invite a family member that already has her own timeline on Whyzz?

Please enter the person’s email address and name, and we will send him or her an email with a link to sign in on Whyzz with her email and password. The system will recognize your invitation through the link and your family member is now able to view and comment on your timeline wall.

How do you guarantee my privacy?

Your privacy is our top concern. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Access to your timeline is only granted by you through inviting family members. Nobody can request access to your network or find your account unless you send an invitation.

Posts are only shared outside your personal network (on Facebook or Twitter) with your explicit permission.

Neither your profile nor your posts are found or accessed by search engines. Your entries absolutely private.

If I connect with FB or Twitter in "My Account" does that mean all my quotes are shared there?

Every quote you would like to share on Facebook or Twitter needs to be specifically selected and shared. You will be prompted by a “confirm sharing” pop-up to make sure a certain post should appear on your Facebook feed or Twitter wall.

How can I record what my child is saying or asking?

For written quotes/questions, tap on the speech bubble icon on the iPhone app or click on "Timeline" on the website. Enter the quote/question, click “Store,” and then enter any additional information and assign the quote to a specific child or upload/take a photo.

For audio quotes, use the Whyzz iPhone app. Tap on the speech bubble icon and then the “record” button. Note that audio recordings are limited to 20 seconds.

Who can view what I post? Can posts be kept private?

Our goal is to make your Whyzz experience and the things you store on Whyzz as private as you wish to keep them.

You can opt to keep posts “private” so only you can see your memories.

Or, by opting to post a quote “public,” your invited village members are able to see the post.

Furthermore, you can decide to individually post a quote to Twitter, to Facebook, or to share it by email.

No posts can be accessed by anyone you have not specifically shared them with.

Can I import photos I have already captured?

Yes, you can add photos from your hard-drive or iPhone gallery to your quotes.

Can I use Whyzz on my iPhone, iPad or Android?

Whyzz currently offers an app for the iPhone which can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

What is the Q&A area?

The Q&A area is Whyzz’s database of kid-ready answers and advice on how to talk about serious issues. Topics range from “Why do Ladybugs have spots?” to “What is electricity?” to “How to talk to children about death.”

Who writes the answers on Whyzz?

Please have a look at our writers list to learn about their background and expertise.

Whyzz's writers use reliable sources (please see "Sources & Links" on the bottom of every answer page) to collect the facts about a topic and "translate" those in a kid-ready language and information a child can understand and process. All articles on whyzz are written in kid-ready terms, so you can read them directly to your child at the moment a question is asked! But since parents and caregivers know their individual child best, it can also be helpful to read an article to yourself first in order to determine which parts of the answer are most suitable for your child’s levels, abilities, and interests.

Types of sources include dictionaries and encyclopedias, in addition to websites from reputable organizations such as museums, zoos, universities, or government organizations. All articles written by users are reviewed by whyzz editors before being published.

How can I find answers to my child's questions?

You can either use the search bar on the top of the pages on the website or that entry field that unfolds when you click the speech bubble icon in the iPhone app. Please enter your question and click “ask”. Or you can browse the content categories in "Explore".

To ask the Whyzz community for answers and advice or your friends and family please register and click on "Advice" or on "Timeline".

To easily find our Answer of the Day and Fact of the Day daily in your Twitter feed please connect and Follow us on Twitter.

What age group are the answers written for?

Whyzz is written with the parents of children ages 4-8 in mind. Whyzz aims to use language that is simple and imaginative in order to make complicated facts accessible and engaging to young minds. In order to maintain the attention spans of young children, we do our best to keep answers short and direct, too.

Please remember that Whyzz is intended for the parents and caregivers of young children and not for children themselves. Since every caregiver knows their child best, we recommend that you decide for yourself what information you would like to share with your little one.

How much does the Whyzz iPhone app cost?

The Whyzz app is free of charge.

Is there an app for Blackberry, Android, iPad?

At this point whyzz can be used through the mobile browser of your Blackberry, Android and iPad. We are working on apps for these devices.

Does the app sync with the website?

Every time you open the app in online mode it is synched with the database to store content you have posted while offline or to update content in the Whyzz Q&A database.

Can I use the Whyzz app in offline mode?

You can store quotes on your app when your are in offline mode. As soon as you are back online your new entries well be synchronised with the web.

We are working on a solution to offer you the whyzz Q&A database in offline mode too.

If I have a technical or support issue, how do I contact you?

Send us an email. To be able to reply to you question in a timely manner, please pick a topic in the subject line.

What is Whyzz's philosophy?

whyzz believes in fostering children’s imagination while explaining the complex facts of the world. The content published by whyzz encourages parents to keep up the dialogue with their children, and encourages children to seek further knowledge through exploration and inquiry. As a building block for its young audience, whyzz supports children becoming open-minded individuals who have respect for all living creatures and natural habitats.

What are the "Whyzz recommends" product offerings on every answer page?

Young children love to listen to books read by their parents. To give parents a tool to further explore a topic their child was curious about whyzz provides hand picked book selections referring to an answer.

What means an article is curated?

Whyzz editors constantly search the web for interesting articles that can help parents talk about a serious issue. We collect those articles for our users and point out the paragraphs and talking points we think are most valuable. If you are interested in the full article, just click on the link.


What is Whyzz?

Whyzz is about talking with kids:

Answer your children's endless Why questions with the help of the whyzz Q&A database, Family & Friends or your peers in the Whyzz community.

Get advice on how to talk about serious issues like feelings, sexuality or violence.

Find new topics to talk about every day.

Create awesome memories of the amazing and funny things your children are saying and asking. Capture family dynamics and emotions and document special moments that photos and videos can't preserve.

Do I have to register to use Whyzz?

Non-registered users can access the Whyzz Q&A database of kid-ready answers and follow discussions in the Whyzz community. If you would like to store or share quotes and questions with your family, you need to register.