Are mermaids real?

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The water can be very mysterious, and there's a lot about it that no one could explain for a very long time! It's normal for people to make up stories to fill in the blanks in these situations, and these stories are often referred to as “myths”.

Just like many other mysterious creatures from folklore and legends, mermaids and mermen are really just myths, or part of a story that has been passed along between people over time.  But because of their appeal as magical, beautiful, graceful creatures, many people have believed in them and continued to tell their stories!

Mermaids (also sometimes called “sirens”) are usually described as creatures who are half human and half fish, and their tales have been told all over the world for years and years! From the Caribbean to Africa to Greece and more, mermaids have earned quite a following all over the world! – The most important thing to know is that even though they might not be real, you can still believe in their magic!

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