What is an organ?

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Your body is full of different parts – there are those that you can see on the outside, such as your arms, hands, nose, and feet, and there are those on the inside that you can't see but have learned about, such as your lungs, heart, stomach, and more!

We use the word “organs” to describe certain parts of your body that work independently and are distinctly separate from other parts! Most of your organs are those body parts that are on the inside, like the examples above, but some are parts that you can see! One great example of an outside organ?? – Your skin! Doctors and scientists consider your skin to be an organ… in fact, it's the body's biggest organ!

Your organs are very important to the way your body works – together, certain organs help you with different tasks such as breathing, digesting food, and going to the bathroom! – Thanks, organs!

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    Working together!What are some of the special jobs of certain organs you have learned about? For example, you might know that your lungs help with breathing, while your stomach helps with digesting food!


    Why do you think it's important for the organs in your body to work together? What might be difficult if they weren't all able to cooperate and get along??



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