Why do dark colors absorb heat?

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Have you ever been told that wearing light colors on a hot day will keep you cooler? Dark colors get hotter than light colors for one big reason: Dark colors absorb more light!

In fact, without light there wouldn’t be any color at all! When we see color, it’s because we see light that gets reflected off of something.

Do you have a blue shirt? The reason it looks blue is because when sunshine (or another type of light) hits the shirt, most of the light’s energy is absorbed by the shirt, but the blue energy of light bounces off the shirt. Our eyes can see the energy that bounces off, and to us, the shirt looks blue.

Lighter colors reflect the most light. Darker colors absorb more, but all of that absorbed energy doesn’t just disappear! Energy never just disappears, but it can change. Light that gets absorbed by clothing becomes heat!

Light energy is what makes your warmer, so if you want to cool down, wearing a color that reflects a lot of light energy is a good choice.

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