What is charity?

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If you’ve ever volunteered to help plant a garden or donated your jar of coins to a soup kitchen, then you already know a little bit about charity! Charity refers to things we do to help others! Charitable donations and charitable acts are done for the sake of giving back to those in need. In exchange for charity, we get the satisfaction of a good deed!
Not everyone is lucky enough to have lots of toys or even a warm coat for winter. Sometimes people haven’t been able to earn enough money because they can’t find a job. Other people are sick or elderly and can’t get around on their own. Charity helps people when they need it!     
Charity comes in many shapes and forms. Donating things you don’t use anymore (like clothes or toys) is one form of charity. Giving your time (like volunteering at a food drive) is another form of charity. Setting aside a part of your allowance for a charitable group is also charity. Charity is anything we do that helps those in need. Make charity a part of your life and help make the world a better place!     
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