Why do rhinos have horns?

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How many animals with unique and interesting features can you think of? Giraffes and their long necks, zebras and their stripes, elephants and their trunks, and more! – When it comes to rhinoceroses, the special feature you probably think of first is their horns!

There are five different kinds of rhinos: black, white, Sumatran, Javan, and Indian. Black, white, and Sumatran rhinos each have two horns, while Javan and Indian rhinos have only one! Depending on the type of rhino, they all use their horns for a variety of different things! 

Some kinds of rhinos use their horns for self-defense. (Those who don’t have sharp front teeth that they use instead.) Rhinos also use their horns for guiding younger rhinos and showing them where to go, for digging in the ground, and for attracting other rhinos

Rhino horns are a little bit different than those of most other horned animals, whose horns are attached to the their skulls, because the horns on a rhino are not! Instead of being part of the skull bone, rhinos’ horns are made of something called “keratin” -- it’s the same thing your hair and fingernails are made from! -- Cool!

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